Known issues - SVK

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Note: The simple simulator does not support updated bids. For more information, see the Environment page.

Fixed issues

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Symptom: Submitted bid messages were not acknowledged.

Fixed 2023-04-11.


The maximum number of bids in a bid message in the BSP Test environment is set to 1000. Should be 2000.

Fixed 2023-02-27


Complex bid - Inclusive: Inclusive bids are currently failing during processing.

Fixed in the september update of the BSP test environmet.



If a bid message containing inclusive bids is submitted using the xsd schema urn:iec62325.351:tc57wg16:451-7:reservebiddocument:7:2, it will fail. This is as expected (see Environment page for more detail) .

Issue: No acknowledgement message is returned.

Fixed in the June update of the BSP test environment.

Example files with correct xsd schema:

Inclusive bids - SVK

Inclusive bids - SN


ReserveBid_MarketDocument name space version 7.1 causes the validation in bid reception to fail.

No acknowledgement message is sent.

Please note that it is version 7.2 that is required.

(Update 2022-02-07): Fixed in the June release of the BSP test environment.

2022-01-31 (update: 2022-03-16)

Conditionally linked bids - Validation of linked bid time series statuses A57, A58, A71, A72 is not complete._

Fixed in the update of 2022-03-07(SN)/2022-03-15(SVK).