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This homepage contains information and documentation about Fifty mFRR EAM for Svk and Statnett local implementations. Target audience is parties connecting to the future local Svk and Statnett TSO services. The content is set up by Fifty AS on behalf of Fifty AS, Svk and Statnett, in close collaboration with the local implementation projects at Svk and Statnett. Read more about Fifty mFRR EAM and this home page here.

Fifty BSPI test environments

Fifty BSPI test environment for Svenska Kraftnät and Statnett are services available to the BSPs for verification of the validity of messages using the new format. The messages are validated according to the implementation guide.

The environments consist of microservices and simulators. The services and the simulators in these environments will be updated as soon as new functionality is ready to be deployed. The example files on this site will be updated according to what is supported in the test environment.

The activation of bids in the test environments is currently supported by a simple simulator. Please see Environment page for more information on what is supported.

The BSP Test Environment for bid submission self-service testing is open. Register by sending an email to: mFRR@svk.se for Swedish BSPs, BSP@statnett.no for Norwegian BSPs.

Operational messages - Statnett og SVK

Date Environment Header Description


NB. Fifty BSPI Test Environment is up and running again. (@13:30)

NB. Fifty BSPI Test Environment is down at the moment. (@12:56)

Will update this message as soon as the problem is resolved.


Change of service names for BSPTEST.

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