Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


According to the IG, mRID-s should be proper UUIDs as per RFC 4122 (UUID v1, v4 or v5). What does that mean?

More information and examples can be found here.

How can I generate proper and valid UUID-s for test purposes?

See here.


Can I use the same ECP node for mFRR EAM as for Electronic ordering? If so, what in my existing configuration needs to be changed?

Yes you can use the same ECP node, it is the same network. If you have an endpoint that is connected to the component directory then you will have an EDX toolbox that is registered in the TSO service directory. In the service catalog we publish which services you should use and mFRR EAM will have a new service that you can use.

What ECP/EDX version do I need for TSO testing?

We recommend that you upgrade to ECP 4.7 and EDX 1.9. But it is also compatible with older versions. You can see the guidelines here.

Test environment

Can I send a message to activate the bids we have submitted?

No, as of now all bids you have submitted, will be activated in the test environment. Read more on how this works rule in the Environment page.

Will the test environment generate heartbeat messages?


Test data

Synthetic or real test data?

For Bid Submission and Activation, the BSP and resource object IDs must be real.

Bid Submission - ReserveBid_MarketDocument


The ReserveBid_MarketDocument I submit keeps getting rejected. Validation message is "Only one Point per Period is allowed". Why is this?

The assembly model in IG says "1..* points". This is restricted to only one position per period in IG, section 6, Appendix 1. Refer also to <Detailed Validation Rules for Bid Submission> (link coming soon)

Technically linked bids

Can bids be technically linked over the day shift?

Yes, they can by linking them using the same UUID in the <linkedBidsIdentification> element on the bids on either side of the day shift. *However, please note* that the bids that are technically linked over the day shift must be submitted in two separate bid messages as stated in chapter 5.2 Document coverage of the Implementation Guide.

Can there be gaps in a series of technical linked bids?

Yes, a series of technically linked bids may contain gaps.

Acknowledgement - Acknowledgement_MarketDocument

No Q&As yet.

Activation - Activation_MarketDocument

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Coding Schemes

SVK: Previously I have used coding scheme "SVK" for resource objects. I get A02 with "use NSE". Why is this?

Refer to the Ediel Common XML rules and recommendations in Common Documents.

Value Chain / Functional

The BSP Test Service keeps sending me activation requests for all bids I submit. Why is this?

This is due to the simplified bid selection algorithm built into the BSP Test Service. Read more on how this works rule in the Environment page.