What is Fifty mFRR EAM?

TSOs Statnett and Svenska kraftnät (Svk) have cooperated in developing common solutions for reserve markets and balancing since the end of 2015. In 2018 the company Fifty AS was established to formalise this cooperation. Fifty AS is owned by the two TSOs together.

Fifty mFRR EAM is part of Fifty AS and hosts activities and development needed for the automated mFRR energy activation market in Nordic Automated mFRR energy activation market. We develop local solutions for Svk and Statnett, whilst also providing common balancing solutions for all four Nordic TSOs - Fingrid, Energinet, Svk and Statnett.

What is the purpose and scope of this homepage?

The purpose of this homepage is to provide information to those parties implementing and testing ECP/EDX services for the Svk and Statnett local mFRR EAM projects. As of October 2021 the functional scope is Bid Submission and Activation.

If you are looking for broader information, please contact your local TSO or try the NBM Home pages. We specifically recommend NBM in a Nutshell and recorded nordic webinars such as June 2021 and January 2021.

We are all in this together, and we hope you will work closely with us to enrich and enhance the content! Our hope is that these pages will be of use for all parties, from BSPs to TSOs and anyone else implementing these services.

Together with your support, we will do all we can to deliver mFRR EAM in the Nordic Balancing Model on time and with the required quality!